2016/17 Season Opener!

The Teachers’ Champions League is set to open the 2016/17 this Wednesday.  With many new players and a larger field, this season will be completely different to the prior 2.

Spartans vs Cobra Kai

The Spartans are starting the season in turmoil as their keeper Charles Yang had to leave the league.  They’ll need to secure a loan or mind the nets themselves.  Mario and Duigi are reunited and are ready to start stomping Goomba’s in the Mushroom Kingdom.  Cobra Kai has rebuilt it’s dojo since the 80’s and their mantra of “strike first, strike hard” will be on full display.  If that doesn’t work, you can bet that “sweep the leg” will.

Football Clubber Lang vs D-Mentors

These 2 teams looked good in the pre-season and you can expect an explosive match to start the season.  Some are tipping this to be a preview of the final while others say that’s premature.  Mr. T is expected to be in the audience because he has nothing better to do.

Barons vs Renegades

The Primetime game sees the return of Andrew Winnett.  When he left the Gunners mid-season in 2014/15 they completely fell apart.  They lost games like it was their job to do so.  The Barons looked strong in pre-season but the Renegades weren’t impressed.  Theo was quoted as saying “whatever”.

See you on Wednesday night!

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