Opening Week

Week 1 is in the books, read the game reports below.

Cobra Kai vs Spartans

In a tightly contested season opener, Cobra Kai edged the Spartans 4-3.  Cobra Kai struck first and struck hard, just like they promised.  It was Hadi who blasted a shot from just outside the area that hit the inside of the post and went in.  Shortly thereafter, RonalDuy scored his trademark goal when a long pass found him in the area, he turned and put it past the keeper.

It was 1-1 heading into the second half and 2 early goals courtesy of Sam and Metin  saw Cobra Kai take a 3-1 lead.  The Spartans didn’t fold and showed great fortitude to tie the game, with goals from YiNan and RonalDuy.  The brace lifted RonalDuy back to the top of the all-time leading goalscorers in the TCL.  With the game tied at 3 and both teams tired, it was the Cobra Kai who struck last.  A long ball from defense found Dan on the left side.  He crossed to an unmarked Hadi who put a well-timed header past Kevin in the Spartans goal.

It was a great season opener by both teams and a rivalry in the making.

Ivan G

D-Mentors vs Clubber Lang

On opening night D-Mentors FC came bursting out of the gate with a 3-0 victory over FCber Lang.  Forwards Vlad Moisseykin and Scott Kamins appeared to be already in mid-season shape as they ran the FCber Lang defence ragged over the first half.  Both were rewarded with goals on great set-ups by Neil Carey.  FCber Lang eventually found their footing and managed to control the ball as the game went on but could not muster much in the way of offence.  D-Mentors goalie Murat Cokgezen was so unimpressed he left early! 

After this one, FCber Lang will be talking about marathons versus sprints or tortoises versus hares while the D-Mentors will just be looking forward another victory on their march through the league.

 Brad H

Barons vs Renegades

“I don’t think I’ve ever been to an appointment in my life where I wanted the other guy to show up.” –George Costanza

The Barons had an appointment Wednesday night at 7pm however The Renegades didn’t get the memo. Fielding only 4 players, they used whatever players they could find to hold on to whatever dignity they had left.  The first half of the game was close with The Renegades playing decent defense, both teams had many chances but the Barons had the edge by half-time with a 2-0 lead. Kevin Bonner made some key defensive stops for The Barons in the first half.

The second half was much more open and the Barons were able to take advantage of the transition game and score on the counter more often. Key players were Seamus “one-time” Lynott and Andrew “Ace” Winnett, both with 3 goals as well as keeper Kevin “matrix” Bonner. Key injuries were Christy “I was just filing in” Gnanapragasam and Paul “The Pint” Callahan. Great game for The Barons, and a tough loss for The Renegades.

Finally, there was a controversial goal scored when a goal went in directly off a corner kick. The referee called it a no-goal only after team Barons gave the referee the old “Barcelona swarm” and influenced the referee’s decision. However OTPP rules state the following: “All free kicks are indirect. Players who encroach within three meters of the kicker may be cautioned by the Referee.”  Furthermore page 59 of the 2014/15 FIFA Futsal rule book states the following: “A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick, but only against the opposing team”.  Need I say more? Barons 8-Renegades 3.

Fernando A.


  1. Ontario Soccer Association Rule #17:

    A goal shall not be scored directly from a corner-kick.

    These are the rules for Indoor Soccer which is what we’re playing, not Futsal.

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