Week 4 Preview

There are so many unanswered questions after the first 3 weeks of the season.  Every team has looked good at some point but have been unable to sustain it.  Will the picture become more clear after week 4?

Emeralds (2) vs Direwolves (4)

Both of these teams won their opening matches in style but only managed a draw in their next two.  Emeralds will be missing Faiz this week and potentially Sam, who will be a game day decision.  Direwolves are looking to fulfill their early promise but to do that, they’ll need to break out of their scoring slump.  They started with five goals in week 1 but have only scored one goal in the next two matches.  Theo Blanchard had his spirits raised watching his cousin Georges St. Pierre win on the weekend, after 4 years out of the game.  If he can do it, Direwolves can do it.

Lightning (1) vs Nightmares (6)

Although it’s a first vs last place match up, there’s only 3 points that separate these teams.  Lightning have shown great character and twice came from behind in the last two weeks.  Nightmares have struggled with attendance and that might be the reason they have yet to register a win.  They’ll need a full team if they want to knock Lightning off their perch.  Watch out for Adrian Mos who scored two goals last week.  Like Sandy and Danny in the movie Grease, Natasha asked if this was the end and Adrian replied “of course not, it’s just the beginning”.

Red Bulls (3) vs Vaders (5)

The Red Bulls have played three great halves and three not so great halves of soccer.  They let a 3 goal lead slip away last week and now have to face a hungry Vaders team.  While it’s true that Vaders haven’t won a match, they also haven’t lost a match either.  While their defense has been solid, only conceding a league best of four goals, they’ll want to get their offense going.  For their part the Red Bulls have plenty of offense, but their lack of focus has impeded their path forward.  They’ll look to take last week’s first half performance and play that way the entire match.

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