Week 14 Preview

The Direwolves continue to lead the table heading into week 14 where they face Emeralds.  They’re in tough because Captain Callahan has a hold over the referees.  Whether it’s getting them to change their calls or letting him commit a last man foul but not get carded, he always gets his way.

Lightning try to hold on to second place when they take the field against Nightmares.  Lightning are coming off a 3-3 draw with Red Bulls in an action packed game while Nightmares got past Emeralds, despite Callahan’s antics.

Red Bulls are unbeaten in three and they face Vaders.  Last week, John Altinian scored the goal of the season when he blasted a shot to the top corner, from what appeared to be a standing position – no run up needed.  The roof almost came off the Hangar!

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