Week 12 Preview

Cobra Kai and Spartans kick-off week 12 in the Toronto Champions League.  Fourth vs Sixth doesn’t exactly resonate with the word champion, but they’re going to play anyway.  The previous 2 meetings have gone the way of the Blues and there’s no reason to think that this one won’t.

Playing at the same time will be Renegades and D-Mentors.  Fernando Ayala was quoted as saying “I’ll power past Pelipenko tomorrow night, just like I do at the annual CN Tower stairclimb.”  Ivan responded with “bro, do you even lift?”

Primetime has an intriguing match as Clubber Lang looks to stop the Barons.  Much like the White Team from 2014/15, Clubber Lang look a different side after the break.  They’ve got a potent offense and them teal shirts sure are purdy.  Barons remain the team to beat this season and there just might be no stopping them.

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