Week 10 Results

Real Deal showed why they’re the Fall Champions as they defeated Hulkamaniacs in a close 3-2 game. Bayern Munich climbed into second place as they defeated The Gunners 5-2.

Hulkamaniacs vs Real Deal
The temperature in Toronto was -11c and that’s exactly where the Hulkamiancs stood relative to the Real Deal in the standings, 11 points behind.

The game started at a frantic pace as the Hulks came to play. Early on it was clear that this was going to be different than the previous encounters between these two teams. Most of the early play resided in the midfield as both teams tried to take control. At the 10 minute mark, Paul “Cannonfoot” Callahan found some space on the right side, made a run and blasted a shot past Scott Tudo in the Hulks goal.

Tyler “Ten Touch” Zeng was causing all sorts of problems for the Real Deal. His speed and quickness allowed him to get a number of shooting opportunities that were stopped by Kevin Bonner. As usual, Fernando “No Finish” Ayala spurned a number of good chances. Then the unthinkable happened and the Hulks equalized! Yes you read that correctly, the Hulks equalized! Nasim “the dream(er)” Zoubeiri found space to the right of the keeper and attempted to pass across the face of goal but instead mis-hit the ball and it fooled Bonner and went in the net. Was it a mis-hit or is Zoubeiri a brilliant man?

The second half saw Metin Guler push forward and immediately begin pulling the strings. Metin picked up the ball about 15 feet from goal, beat Neon Leon Perelman and placed the ball into the top corner. Even Brad Hughes who was playing on the next field applauded the goal. Shortly thereafter some fancy footwork by Talha Sarac led to a great chance that was partially blocked, only to fall into the path of Natasha Trabulsey who scored to make it 3-1. Victor Arcentales tried had a strong shot saved as the Hulks tried to respond immediately.

Brian Lyons and Metin Guler both hit the post before Zoubeiri scored his second of the match. His quickness got the better of Ivan Gojmerac and he snuck a shot past Bonner. The Hulks tried to apply pressure as time was ticking away, but Ryan Gonsalves was having none of it and shut them down. Shortly thereafter the referee blew the final whistle.

Bayern Munich vs The Gunners
Every week Bayern Munich’s opponents claim they will stop RonalDuy. Every week they are wrong.
Despite some big talk from Gunners keeper David “I Haz A Sad” Ashton, RonalDuy opened the scoring 2 minutes into the game and added another 2 minutes later.

Being down 2-0 early didn’t deter The Gunners as they knew the BM’s weakness lies in its goaltender. Just get some shots and you will eventually put it by that bum. Kosta “MastaBlasta” Zabashta was denied on two great chances before Patrick “Hey New Guy!” Polkowski slipped home a nifty pass from Theo “The Body” Blanchard.

BM knew they couldn’t rest on their defensive laurels to win this game and they went at the Gunners goal in waves but were stoned by Ashton time after time. But BM finally broke through on a beautiful corner kick by “Big Daddy” Andrew Dias to a charging Daniel “Set Piece” McNiece who made it 3-1 with a one-timer. Mario “60 Million Euro Transfer Fee” Vega added another just before halftime to make it 4-1.

Down but not out, Ashton tried to rally his troops and, in a Toronto Champions League exclusive, we have a recording of his halftime pep talk…

And it worked!!

“Iron” Mike Ermakov slammed home a goal within the first minute of the 2nd half to make it 4-2. “Big Train” Ted Guo slowed down the BM attack while the referee looked for his glasses. Ashton continued to do his Tim Howard vs Belgium impression while the Gunners forwards applied more pressure

It was back and forth all half before BM decided to unleash The Malka! Steve “Slim” Malka rocketed a shot off the goalpost that magically returned right to his foot to be hammered into the net to finish the scoring at 5-2.

With the victory Bayern Munich creeps up into 2nd place but they have their eyes now on #1.


  1. Ten Touch and No Finish just cracked me up.. Btw, you forgot to say that I put the ball where momma keeps her cookies. I was waiting for that.

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