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After a long deliberation the transfer news is in! Joining the league are Patrick Polkowski, Eefay Wang, and Christine Zhu. These three new additions will be separated with Polkowski remaining with his Week 10 team, The Gunners, Wang heading to The Hulkamaniacs, and Zhu joining Bayern Munich. These three virtually unknown players have the potential to tip the balance of the league as they come in with fresh legs and energy.

The Hulkamaniacs were busy, giving their team a much needed makeover. In addition to their free agent signing of Wang, they received star midfielder Derek Chan, and Jean-Francois Paquin from Bayern Munich. In the biggest surprise of the transfer period The Hulkamaniacs moved their captain, Nasim Zoubeiri, to Real Deal. Both teams seem happy with the move, with Hulkamaniacs supporters stating, “Nasim is a great player that has been with our club since day 1. But having both him and Tyler [Zeng] attacking is too much. We’re happy to be strengthening our back line and we wish Nasim all the best with his future on Real Deal.” Ivan Gojmerac speaking on behalf of Real Deal believed that, “Nasim is going to change the dyanmic of our team. We’ve seemed to be slowing down lately so it will be great adding some speed up front. I’m forty-years-old for crying out loud! I don’t want to run, I just want to be at home with a cup of tea watching my stories!”

Bayern Munich, in exchange for Jean-Francois, received Hulkamaniacs player Fernando Ayala. Ayala, speaking candidly said, “I’m happy to be joining a team with some familiar faces. I know coach Vega, RonalDuy and Dan McNice (sic) are all great guys. I’m sure we’re going to have a Bavarian great time out on the pitch!” Jeffrey McCabe was then moved from Real Deal to Bayern in order to lessen the loss of Derek Chan. Now over the roster cap, Bayern Munich transferred Andrew Dias to The Gunners. Gunners’ captain David Ashton spoke on the matter. “Dias has the aggression I love to see in my fullbacks. With his addition I think we now have one of the most impenetrable defensive lines in the league. This is going to give me a great opportunity to catch up on my naps in the net.”

Will one of the three new faces bring their team to the top? Can the Hulkamaniacs turn their season around? Will Fernando ever learn how to spell McNiece’s name? The second half of the season is underway!

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