Transfer Window Opens

The rumour mill was abuzz this week!

In a blockbustre move, Andrew “Fancy Pants” Winnett has signed for French club Lille OSC.  “Fancy Pants” leaves with mixed emotions.  “I had a great time with the Gunners and I wanted to be champions with them.  When a European club comes calling, it’s too hard to turn it down.” Winnett was quoted as saying.  The Gunners were further rocked when Andrew “Il Professore” Sharp said he’d be leaving the club.  Sharp released an official statement.  “While I enjoyed the experience and will miss my teammates very much, my true passion is education and that’s where I need to focus all my energy.”  The departures of Winnett and Sharp will be felt by their club as well as the league.  They were great to play with and against and we all wish them the best in all they do!

Bayern Munich are on excellent form but all is not well in Bavaria.  Just like his namesake, RonalDuy is getting a lot of the glory.  He was quoted as saying that he just might take his skills elsewhere.  Who would say no to 26 goals?  Not the Hulkamaniacs!  The Hulks were strengthened this past week by the additions of Cesar Vivas and Alex Orellana.  Both players had great games, will the Hulks be successful in their bid to sign them?  Nasim Zoubeiri was quoted as saying “maybe.”

The Real Deal lead the table heading into the Christmas break.  This leads people to believe they don’t need to make any moves but that doesn’t mean they won’t!  Their lack of speed and quickness has become apparent to all and they may want to address it.  Will they be successful in enticing Nasim Zoubeiri to to join?  They may negotiate a return for Theo Blanchard, who started the season with them.  Patrick Polkowski is a newcomer to the league and currently a free agent.  Patrick has denied any contact with Real Deal.

The transfer window closes on Dec 31st.  The next 11 days will be frantic!

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  1. I would love to get Nasim onto my team but his off field antics worry me. Just this last weekend he was photographed in Vegas partying it up with Mike Tyson and Carrot Top!

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