Team Changes

The re-balance has been agreed upon by all the captains.  The biggest factor in these decisions was attendance.  We do feel that most teams are balanced from a strength perspective, but some struggle with attendance which makes it hard to play well as a team.  Some have too many similar players for one position but gaps in other positions. 

The change is effective immediately, so on Wednesday the 16th everyone will be lining up for their new team.  

  • Bandits: Chris Marroquin, Nicolas Pilorget, Rachael De Sousa, Mario Vega
  • Legacy: Jarry Ahmad, Metin Guler
  • Rebels: Jose Estrada
  • Scorpions: Miekela Singh, Faiz Moosafur
  • Sharks: Walter Viguiliouk, Emma Smith
  • Titans: Cedric Ngabonziza, Andre Chan
  • Top Dogs: Deborah Ng, Tyler Zeng, Colby Gibbons
  • Orange Crush: no additions

New teams means new connections, new friends and new rivals! Good luck to all the teams in the second half of the season.

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