So this is goodbye, Nasim

Nasim Zoubeiri has played his last game in the Toronto Champions League.  At the end of this month he’ll be leaving Canada for his new home in Australia.

Nasim has been part of our soccer crew for 3 years having joined back in the days of pick-up.  He was a great teammate and a tough opponent.  He only needed one step to beat you and before you knew it, the ball was in the back of the net.  He made the league a better one both for his quality and his positive attitude.

Nasim, on behalf of all your friends in the Toronto Champions League, we wish you all the best in life!



  1. Thank you so much everyone!
    It’s been amazing playing and working with you all.
    I’m gonna miss everyone a lot. Especially the boys and girls in [dark] blue.
    Looking forward to seeing a bit more of the world. Keep in touch and hopefully we’ll all see each other again real soon.

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