Semi-Finals First Leg

The playoffs are here and the first leg of the semi-finals will be played this Thursday!

Bayern Munich (1) vs Calaveras (4)

These teams met 8 times during the regular season with Bayern winning 4, Calaveras 3 and one game ending in a draw.  Bayern are regular season champs and are the only team to finish with a positive goal difference.  RonalDuy led the league with an impressive 41 goals which was an average of 2 goals per game.  The scoring title was decided in the first week, much to the chagrin of Duy’s many rivals.  Calaveras started poorly but finished strong and made a run at third place.  When Salar joined the league he said things were about to change and he was right.  They may have finished fourth, but the bookies have them as the favourites to win it all.  It’ll be a great match on Thursday and what role will Mr. Clean play in it?

Real Deal (2) vs Gunners (3)

Real Deal won 5 of 8 matches against the Gunners this year including a 3 goal comeback in the last 5 minutes for one of their wins.  This was a familiar story for the Gunners in the second half of the season as they couldn’t finish off their opponents.  They finished off the season with an emphatic win though and that’ll give them confidence heading into the semi-finals.  Real Deal have had a fairly consistent season and head into the semi-finals full of optimism.  They were the only team to not be shut out this year and every single player, including goalkeeper Kevin Bonner have scored goals.

Two Leg Format

Bayern Munich and Real Deal are the home teams for the first leg.  If the aggregate score is tied after both legs, the team who scores more “away” goals will advance to the final.   If they’re still tied, a penalty shootout will take place.  Each team will take 3 penalties and if that doesn’t settle it, it will be sudden death where the two teams exchange single penalties until we have a winner.


Referee says PLAAAAY!



  1. We were just resting the last few weeks. Everyone knows The Gunners play their best football in April 🙂

    And I agree. Bayern is definitely the favourite… when Fernando’s not there!

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