Semi-Final Preview

We’re down to the final 4. Let’s see how the teams stack up.

Orange Crush vs Rebels

  • How they got here
    • Crush overcame Legacy in the only penalty shootout of the quarter-finals. It was 1-1 after regulation thanks to goals from Alex Salcedo and Neil Carey. Crush won the penalty shootout 2-1 with goals from Alex Salcedo and Vincent Xie. Jarry scored the lone goal for Legacy.
    • Rebels won a nail-biter against the Bandits. John Burinski scored twice for Rebels while John Levi scored twice for Bandits. The difference maker was Wayne Prinsloo who fired a rocket from just inside the half that left both teams speechless. His new name is Sniper.
  • Head to Head
    • Wins: 2 for Crush, 1 for Rebels, 1 draw
    • Most Recent: Crush won 4-2 on April 10th
    • Goals: 13-6 for Crush
  • Quotes
    • Julius D’Silva (Crush): “Have you ever seen a green team win anything? Me neither.”
    • Kate Lam (Crush): “My momma always says: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer and most definitely CRUSH the Rebels! I always listen to my momma. Rebels, we’re coming for you!!!!”
    • Anonymous player on Rebels: “I prefer Fanta.”

Titans vs Sharks

  • How they got here
    • Titans defeated Scorpions 2-1 in a hotly contested quarter-final. It was Calum McNeil and John Altinian with 2 unanswered goals, after Scorpions had taken an early lead through Scott Tudo. Prathesh Senthil played keeper for Titans and he absolutely stymied the Scorions, especially in the last 10 minutes.
    • Sharks won in dramatic fashion against Top Dogs. It was Hector Echezuria who scored the loan goal with 2 minutes remaining that sent Sharks into a delerium. What a time to get your first goal in the league.
  • Head to Head
    • Wins: 2 for Sharks, 1 for Titans
    • Most Recent: Sharks won 3-0 on March 13th
    • Goals: 7-5 for Sharks
  • Quotes
    • Nico Ress (Titans): “Looking forward to facing Altinian again, in a remake of the Belgium-France world cup semi-final. It will be a very tight game but in the end, you know who end up with 2 stars on their jersey!”
    • Ivan Tam (Titans): “Sharks, go back to water polo!”
    • Adrian Mos (Titans): “On paper we’ve always looked like a good team yet we finished last in the regular season. In the past few weeks we’ve finally started to raise to our on-paper potential. We’ve built some confidence that will carry us through the semi-finals”.
    • Adrien Lucisano (Titans): “It should be a relatively tight match. Two underdogs with hopefully fully squads.”

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