Second Half of Season This Week

The Direwolves head into the second half of the season as league favourites.  Joining the team is Prem Chattani who will look to form a strong partnership with Alex Salcedo – to be known as Sa-Cha.  The Nightmares lost leading scorer Jose Estrada to a season ending injury.  There is some good news though, as they bought Theo Blanchard from Direwolves for an undisclosed fee.  Will Theo come back to haunt his old team on Wednesday?  It usually happens that way.

The Emeralds are unbeaten against Red Bulls this season and they hope to keep it that way.  They picked up Victor Arcentales in the January transfer window to bolster an already strong defense making it clear that their strategy to win this league will be Mourinho-like.  Red Bulls lose Eddie Shukur who returns to school which leaves a big hole in defense.  Wednesday’s match will show how they cope with that.

Lightning welcome a newcomer to the league in Valeria Nunez.  She joins a high-flying offensive team that has ambitions to win the league.  Vaders made 2 purchases in the transfer window when they signed Victor Cristiano and a returning Tim Liu.  Having lost Usama Nini who also returns to school.  Tune in on Wednesday to see all the action!

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