Schedule & Attendance

Teachers’ Soccer League, the schedule for this season is broken down as follows:

  1. Pre-Season: Oct 20 & Oct 27
  2. Regular Season: Nov 3 to Apr 6
  3. Playoffs: Apr 13 to Apr 27


  • Oct 20th
    • 6 pm: Barbarians (white) v Goats (dark) – Field #3
    • 6 pm: Storm FC (white) v FC Been Munchin (dark) – Field #4
    • 7 pm: Rising Stars (white) v Trailblazer FC (dark) – Field #4
  • Oct 27th
    • 6 pm: Trailblazer FC (white) v Storm FC (dark) – Field #3
    • 6 pm: Rising Stars (white) v Barbarians (dark) – Field #4
    • 7 pm: Goats (white) v FC Been Munchin (dark) – Field #4

Regular Season The schedule can be found at You can click onto your team name to see your own schedule.


Wild Card

  • The pairings will be 3rd vs 6th & 4th vs 5th
  • 1st and 2nd get a bye to the semi-finals but they can play a “friendly” in the wild card week if they want


  1. 1st vs lowest ranked wild card winner
  2. 2nd vs highest ranked wild card winner

Attendance is managed through text messages and a separate post with further details will be coming shortly.

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