Playoff Scenarios

The playoffs will consist of a 2 leg semi-final followed by a 1 leg final.  With 2 games left in the regular season, the playoff picture is becoming more clear.

The race for first place is on, but what we know for sure is that Bayern Munich and Real Deal cannot face each other in the semi-finals.  These 2 teams can only finish in first or second place and they will play either Gunners or Calaveras.

The Battle for First

Bayern Munich and Real Deal are currently tied on points.  The first tie-breaker is goal difference and thanks to Ronalduy, BM easily have this.  It means that their destiny is in their own hands and if they win both matches they’ll secure first place.

Third Place Honours

The Gunners currently sit 4 points ahead of Calaveras in the battle for third place.  Calaveras has made it clear that they want to get out of the basement, where they’ve been all season.  The team has really turned it around and many consider them to be the team to beat in the playoffs.

This week Bayern Munich face the Gunners while Real Deal take on Calaveras.


One comment

  1. the games have gotten much more competitive recently and the increase in ties show it. It’s a good sign for the playoffs.

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