Direwolves Win the Regular Season

Congratulations to Direwolves who clinched the regular season title last week.  Their 1-0 victory over Red Bulls capped off a remarkable season in which they never lost their perch atop the standings.  They set a league record for the best ever defense and will be counting on that to carry them through the playoffs.  In the quarter-finals they’ll face Vaders.

Quarter-final #1

  • Direwolves vs Vaders

Quarter-final #2

  • Lightning/Red Bulls vs Emeralds
  • Lightning having a 1 point lead over Red Bulls so if they avoid a loss on Wednesday, they’ll face Emeralds

Quarter-final #3

  • Lightning/Red Bulls vs Nightmares
  • Nightmares can technically reach 3rd place, but it would only mean they swap places with Red Bulls

Lightning vs Red Bulls

This is the only match that will impact the quarter-final pairings.  Nightmares and Emeralds will care more about the result than the two teams playing as both of them have been quite open about their desire to avoid Lightning.

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