2019/20 Season Begins

The sixth season of the Teachers’ Soccer League officially gets underway this evening. The road to the final begins now.

Bluepers vs Quicksilver

Bluepers welcome Millan Mulraine & Sally Li to the league and also have 2 returning players in Alex Lee & Amogh Reddy. Quicksilver welcomes Ryan Turner & Aayush Dureha. Paul Callahan is promising goals this year and has changed his field name to Paul Van Pilstelrooy.

Walter Whites vs sTEAL Your Thunder

Walter Whites boast 4 new players in Aron Sankar, Ragesh Ravindranath, Selena How & Stephen Clement. This also marks the return of Brad Leufkens who took last season off. sTEAL Your Thunder only have one new player and that’s Pak Tsun Wong. Valeria Nunez claims that all that experience makes them heavy, heavy favourites to win the championship.

Pink Panthers vs Red Army

Pink Panthers welcome Gurdeep Singh, Karamullah Talpur & Marcello Pannacione. Red Army has only one new player in Dilraj Singh. They also have a returning Scott Thompson who promises to make it rain.

Sky Eiffel 65 vs Golden Girls

Sky Eiffel welcome Ashton Mugabe & Sunny Patel to the fold. Their opponents are full of new players including Alvin Leung, Boyang Qin, Declan Rowett, Frank Fang & Mustafa Arif. This game also marks the return of Sean “2 goals per game” Kinsella. Will he tear it up like he did a few years ago? That’s the hottest question of week 1.

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