Week 8 Results – The Snow Bowl

21 players battled the elements to make it out this week. The Gunners failed in their comeback bid as they fell 3-2 to Real Deal. Across the mesh, Bayern Munich thrashed Hulkamaniacs with all 14 goals coming in the second half of this 12-2 game.

Bayern Munich vs. Hulkamaniacs
In the past few weeks Bayern Munich has found that it’s not much fun when you can’t field a full team but things were reversed this week when they found themselves playing a Hulkamaniacs team missing their regular goalie and needing recruits from other teams to fill out a roster. The lil’ Hulksters held out for the first half with a sound defensive strategy of blocking every shot possible. Keeping the score an even 0-0 at the half. Even Fernando sacrificed his body by crossing back over the center line. It’s a Christmas miracle!
Speaking of the giving season What does little RonalDuy want for Christmas? What’s that you say? Goals, goals and more goals?
Yes, RonalDuy is one of those spoiled brats who gets everything he wants and he wasn’t going to go another 25 minutes without a goal. The Hulkamaniacs’ D finally broke down and RonalDuy took all the presents under the tree.
Of course, Bayern Munich aren’t all a bunch of heartless Scrooges! The boys scrounged together enough in order to put out a glass of milk and plate of cookies for the Hulkamaniacs to enjoy. However I’m sure they tasted like lumps of coal which they can use as fuel to take down the Gunners next week.

The Gunners vs. Real Deal
The battle for this game began off the pitch as players from both teams battled icy roads to join the game. Real Deal dominated possession early on, determined to open the scoring. They fired a barrage of shots towards the Gunners net but none were able to find home. Midway through the half the half, Paul “Fighting Irish” Callahan made a run up the right touch line. The referee, ignoring Gunners pleas and gesticulations for an out of bounds call, yelled out “PLAY!” as Fighting Irish fired a strike on target. Dave Ashton parried the ball away to his far post but didn’t see Natasha “Hot Foot” Trabulsey streaking in who slammed her chest into the ball to open the scoring. Gunners piled on pressure at the end of the first half but couldn’t find an answer as Kevin “Wall” Bonner pushed away everything the Gunners squad threw at him. Down 1-0 the Gunners kicked off the second half thirsty for a goal. Their aggressive tactics left them exposed after Hot Foot picked up a ball at half, beat the lone defender and cut the ball back across her body. Dave Ashton could do nothing but helplessly watch as the ball rolled past him and into the net. Both teams maintained heavy pressure, attacking loose balls and generating marvellous opportunities but saves at both end of the pitch kept the score at 2-0. Finally, it was Hot Foot once again picked up the ball at half and ran in alone. Unflinching this time, Dave Ashton charged out of his net while Ted “Big Train” Guo chased down the striker from the rear. Showing no fear of the two giants barrelling down on her Hot Foot tapped the ball across the box to the waiting foot of Ivan “The Croatian Irritation” Gojmerac who tapped it home to create what appeared to be an insurmountable 3-0 lead. Odds stacked against them, The Gunners showed no signs of fatigue as they threw their full force at the Real Deal net. Andrew “Fancy Pants” Winnett was the first orange player to find goal as he smashed a ball into the net past the far side of The Wall. Theo “The Body” Blanchard added a second moments later to revitalize the dying Gunners squad. With seconds to spare the Gunners fired a barrage of shots but wild saves and lucky bounces off the bar kept the Real Deal lead intact as the final whistle blew a game that is sure to live in the minds of the players for years.


  1. My stat of the week: In games where Dan “Jimmy Neutron” McNiece has scored Bayern has outscored their opponents 28-5

  2. “The referee, ignoring Gunners pleas and gesticulations for an out of bounds call, yelled out “PLAY!””
    I LOL’ed, he sure likes to yell that out.

  3. Dave was lucky not to see red after the first goal. While Natasha was walking back to centre celebrating, Dave rifled the ball at her back.

    The referee just yelled “PLAAAAY”.

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