Week 7 Results

Week 7 had two hard fought battles. Real Deal got back on track with a 4-0 win over Hulkamaniacs. On the adjacent pitch, The Gunners eked out a 3-2 victory over Bayern Munich

Real Deal vs Hulkamaniacs
With the league bottom feeders Bayern Munich short roster this week, Ivan Gojmerac and Dave Ashton had to put their league executive hats on and loan players from both Real Deal and Hulkamaniacs to the cause. Keeper Kevin Bonner from RD and Hulk striker Fernando Ayala walked over to the adjacent pitch like true heroes (thanks fellas). Meanwhile, the Real Deal and Hulkamaniacs kicked off to start lucky number week 7. Both teams let the dice roll in this match with lots of early back and forth. Lionel Metin “The Magician” Guler opened the scoring with beautiful deep penetration from just inside the box to put Real Deal on the board. A goal from Ivan “The Conqueror” Gojmerac, a second from The Magician and a daisy cutter from Natasha “Hot Foot” Trabulsey that found its way past a sprawling keeper would give them a cushy 4-nil lead heading into half. The Hulkamaniacs’ spirits were bruised but not shattered as they came out in the second half with guns blazing. Some beautiful tic-tac-toe passing from Tyler “The Mauler” Zheng, Scott “Believe Him or Not” Tudo and Nasim “The Dream” Zoubeiri had RD kissing the post in gratitude. Some last minute pressure from Brian “The Lion” Lyons and Paul “Winner Take All” Callahan was close but no cigar. Time wound down on this match with a final score Real Deal (4) – Hulkamaniacs (nil).

The Gunners vs Bayern Munich
When you play in a league with only 4 teams it seems like every game is a grudge match but when The Gunners and Bayern Munich clash there seems to be a bit more on the line considering their recent history. A 16-3 thrashing by Bayern early in the schedule followed by a Gunners shutout on the next meeting, meant that this game was like quantum mechanics — the only thing certain was uncertainty. With Bayern again relying on recruits to fill out their roster it would have seemed to give the Gunners an advantage however it was a very even first half with both teams getting some good chances yet struggling to put the ball behind the keepers. Kevin “The Wall” Bonner made a great save — sliding one way while reaching back with his hand — on good run by Theo “The Body” Blanchard. At the other end David “The General” Ashton kept the vaunted Bayern attack at bay. But late in the first half, The General finally cracked giving up a juicy rebound that was potted home by someone other than Fernando “Mouth of the South” Ayala. Up 1-0 at the half, Bayern told themselves all they needed was another quick goal and then play back to shut down the Gunners’ offence. They got the first part right! Within two minutes of the start of the 2nd half Bayern struck again on almost an identical play to their first goal (and once again Fernando had an up close view of a great striker in action). All Bayern needed to do now was park the bus. Unfortunately, that’s not the way Bayern is used to playing. Shortly afterwards, while Bayern had 3 men up, The Body fought off a defender (and the FLU!) and made another run up the sideline and slammed home a beautiful strike. 2-1 Bayern… could they hold on? NO! Another goal by The Body tied things up while Andrew “Fancy-Pants” Winnett bottled up any offence Bayern tried to muster. With energy running out Bayern hoped the clock was on their side. And it seemed to be that way until 1 minute left when Ted “Big Train” Guo slammed home a goal to steal victory for the Gunners. Well played, well earned. Until next time!


  1. Man, the nicknaming in the Real Deal vs Hulkamaniacs write-up needs some work. I would have gone with “The Croatian Irritation” for Ivan.

  2. No, it’s Menemen Metin! Also, everyone on the Hulkamaniacs needs a wrestling nickname. For example, Nasim is definitely Big Poppa Pump.

  3. Yes all 4 came in the first half and Metin had the 3rd while Natasha had the 4th.

    Never mind my nickname, I’d be happy if Paul could spell my last name correctly!

  4. Hulkamaniacs do seem to be taking a beating like the aforementioned Ultimate Warrior pic circa 1993. I do have some cool socks, all you guys are jelly.

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