Week 6 Results

In week six Bayern Munich handed Real Deal their second straight loss, and The Gunners jumped into second place with a win over Hulkamaniacs.

Bayern Munich vs. Real Deal
Knowing they were in for a tough match against Bayern Munich the Real Deal attempted to summon the Traffic Gods to stop their foe! Fortunately Bayern’s GM made some last minute transfers in order to field a full team. The first half was a back and forth affair but neither team could put one past the keeper. However, in the second half the old legs of the Real Deal started to falter against Bayern’s blitzkrieg attack. RonalDuy Nguyen found the twine off a beautiful pass from “Set Piece” McNiece. RonalDuy scored again to put Bayern up 2-0 but the Real Deal would not give up. “Thunder-stache” Paul Callahan pounded a few shots on goal that failed to find the mark and Metin Guler rang one off the post before finally finding success. Down 2-1 the Real Deal continued their assault, leaving them open to the counter-attack. RonalDuy completed his hat trick with a beautiful one-timer off a long field-length pass. 3-1 was how it ended and now Mario “Guardiola” Vega can remember this anniversary for the rest of his life.

The Gunners vs. Hulkamaniacs
The Gunners kicked off to open week six against the newly named Hulkamaniacs. Mike Ermakov opened the scoring early with a strong run past several helpless defenders to bury his fifth of the season. Andrew Winnett intercepted a poor Hulkamaniacs kick in and, with surgical precision, curled a ball into the top corner of the Hulkamaniacs goal. Unshaken by their two goal deficit, Hulkamaniacs captain Nasim Zoubeiri made a determined run past the Gunners defenders. He found himself ten yards out and ripped a magnificent shot. The ball cleanly beat the keeper but rattled off the crossbar to deny the Hulkamaniacs their best chance of the half. Theo Blanchard added a late goal from a forceful run up the left wing to give The Gunners a 3:0 lead heading into the second half. Hulkamaniacs came out strong in the second half, creating chance after chance but often shooting the ball just wide or being stuffed by a Gunners defence determined to hold onto their lead. At the half’s midpoint Hulkamaniacs was awarded a corner kick and, taking advantage of a briefly disorganized Gunners team, played the ball into Tyler Zeng who struck the ball truly and opened the scoring for his team. Despite a continued effort, Hulkamaniacs were unable to find another and, after Andrew Winnett scored his second of the game, fell to The Gunners 4:1.


  1. That’s it, next time i’m doing the write up and giving myself one these cool names. will discuss with ferny and paul.

  2. And next time Duy, i’m sticking to you like glue the whole game. No goal for you. That will beat Bayern’s strategy of “Pass the ball to Duy”

  3. Metin, here is why you didn’t get a nickname in the write-up…
    My wife is Turkish and I wanted to give you a cool Turkish nickname but I couldn’t get hold of her when I was writing up the description. I mean, I do know some Turkish but I would have ended up calling you some kind of food (food makes up most of my Turkish vocabulary). So if you are okay being called Dondurma or Kumpir or Menemen, then I can make one up for you.

  4. Brad, I’ll take Menemen as well. That’s my favourite breakfast dish 🙂 Funny thing. My wife’s Turkish vocabulary also only consists of food lol..

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