Week 19 Results

Real Deal took the field against The White Team who continues to get better and better. The game started off at a fast pace with both teams generating chances. Leon Perelman proved himself a very capable goalkeeper as he wasn’t letting anything get by him. RD even missed a penalty as it rattled off the post, but everybody knew it was because Leon willed it to be that way.

TWT drew first blood as a quick shot was saved by Kevin Bonner but the rebound fell to Salar who reacted quickly to put it past the keeper. RD pushed forward and had a few one v ones but couldn’t finish. Victor and Derek didn’t have that problem as they scored the second and third goals for TWT. RD went into the half wondering how they were down 3-0. They couldn’t score in a women’s prison with a handful of pardons.

The second half was a wild affair that at times threatened to get out of hand! TWT stopped playing when they all felt there was a handball by RD. The ref saw nothing and Metin pushed forward and found Natasha who thundered the ball into the back of the net. Now what Leon…is what she was heard saying. A few minutes later Ivan faked with the right and then hit a left footer that went off the post and in, making it 3-2. RD kept coming and Metin picked up a rebound and hit the ball into the roof of the net. TWT was continually frustrated with the referee and again they felt a call was missed. Their frustrations got the better of them as once again they didn’t play to the whistle which gave Ivan enough space on the left to find an unmarked Natasha who thundered the ball past Leon….again…..Leon. RD managed to take a 4-3 lead after being down 3-0! TWT didn’t give up though and Derek Chan, who only needs the tiniest sight of goal got just that and buried one at the near post tying the game up. The ref blew the final whistle shortly after and the game ended in a 4-4 draw.

Bayern vs Gunners to follow.

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