Week 15 Results

When you flip open a dictionary and look up the definition of Communication, you will find that it says Clubber Lang FC. And when you look up the word Teamwork, it will say “Communication is key.” That is exactly what was showcased when Clubber Lang took on Cobra Kai on Wednesday. This was the last time these two teams would meet during regular season, and they sure didn’t disappoint.

Cobra Kai were at a disadvantage as they were without a keeper and light on the bench (that’s rather odd, seeing how they usually have enough players to play two lines.. what happened?). On the other side of the pitch, it is the first time that the whole Clubber Lang team showed up and was able to play (Wohoo, Subs!). From kickoff, it was clear that Clubber Lang was there to win, they passed with pace and were controlling the tempo. The quick goal from last week’s game was definitely on Cobra Kai’s minds as they played more of a defend and counter style. There was a lot of yelling and screaming.. (not from the fans…we don’t have those) from both teams as they try to communicate with each other to make sure there were no gaps. It was clear that Clubber Lang did a better job at yelling as they were able to break the deadlock midway through first half. The rest of the game was played out in similar fashion with a lot of yelling and screaming from the teams, and a lot of substitutes from Clubber Lang. Final score was Clubber Lang 3- 1 Cobra Kai. Clubber Lang was able to keep their perfect record over Cobra for the regular season.

~ Markos

In other action, D-Mentors downed the Spartans 3-1 while the Renegades fell 3-2 to the Barons.

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