Week 15 Results

The match between Vaders and Emeralds started out slowly but quickly heated up. Vaders had super saiyan Metinho on loan which Captain Callahan did not take kindly to.  A clip of the back foot when the referee wasn’t watching sent Metinho tumbling to the ground.  Vaders opened the scoring through Vlad who soon scored a second after some nice passing. Emeralds pulled one back late in the game and then poured on the pressure when Bad News Hughes joined the attack.  In the end Vaders held on for the 2-1 victory.

Red Bulls overcame Nightmares 3-2 having fallen behind 1-0 early in the match. They knew Wayne and Bernard were unavailable, but also lost Scott Tudo before kick-off.  Scott had tried to fit in a haircut before the match but there was 4 people ahead of him in line, instead of the usual 1.  He didn’t get out until 6:50 pm.

In the primetime match, two goals from ASB were not enough as Lightning fell 3-2 to Direwolves. They had a 2-1 lead midway through the second half but Direwolves did what they usually do and found a way to win.

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