Week 14 Results

Hulkamaniacs narrowed the gap on third place with a 4-3 win over Bayern Munich. On the other pitch, Real Deal reclaimed their lead at the top of the table with a 7-2 thrashing over The Gunners.

Real Deal vs The Gunners
Heading into Week 14 of the TCL, the Gunners and Real Deal stood deadlocked in points AND goal differential. To trend Settin’ Metting’s dismay, this meant that the second tie-breaker of goals-for, put Mighty Oranje Gunners on top of the standings.

The match kicked off with RD in possession looking for Rambo first blood. However, it would be The Gunners that would fire first. At the 6′ minute mark, with RD pressing, Gunners forged a quick counter sending Mike Ermakov in all alone behind Captain Gojmerac. The RD could only watch in horror as Ermakov blasted a hard low shot through the only crack in the Bonner Wall to open the scoring, 1-Nil. Just a few minutes later at the 9′ minute mark, Nasim the Dream would tie it up using his blistering speed and sweet finish, tying the score at 1-1 a piece. The remainder of the half would be more of the same as the RD would collect another bushel of goals, led by Talha The Shot Caller and his thunderous cannon. Gunner skipper David Ashton stood strong in net, making some unbelievable saves. However, it seemed all he needed was some A1 sauce as he was being peppered all night long. The ref blew the whistle on the first half, 4-1 for RD.

In the second half, The Gunners would show resilience with Kosta the Basher Zabashta holding down both ends of the pitch turning amazing defence into a glorious header just missing the net. Then, late in the second, things got like a dicey. A scramble in front of RD net lead to Thunder Stache Callahan with the ball between his legs. For what seemed like 10 hours, Callahan was crawling around on the ground with the ball trapped. Patrick the Punisher Polkowski waited like a hungry shark to snap the ball in if he let go. The Ref blew the whistle, and this time he did not yell “play”, but “PENALTY”. Somehow Callahan did not know (seriously he didn’t know) that you could not cover the ball in the penalty area. Gunners were awarded the Penalty Shot. The Punisher would not be denied blasting one left short side giving Gunners their second of the game. But it was too little too late, Mr. Clean blew the whistle on this tilt, Final score 7-2 for the Real Deal, putting them back at the top of TCL standings.

Bayern Munich vs Hulkamaniacs
Entering this game the Hulkamaniacs were the hottest team in the league, “oh yeah brother”! Meanwhile Bayern had been struggling of late and needed a good showing. The first stanza was a very cagey affair – think Mad Max in the superdome, two men enter, one man leaves! Sam scored first and drew first blood a la Sylvester Stallone for the Hulks. Some stuff may or may not have happened but the half ended 1-0.
In the second half Coach M. Vega leveled things with a long range shot to start things off for Bayern. The Hulks would not be denied as DC (Derek to the rest of ya’ll) came back to put the Hulks back on top. Bayern leveled things again through Steve Milkshake Malka. This game had more game changers than Bruce Jenner in 2015 as Derek Cha-Ching Chan got the Hulks back on top to make it 3-2. Then in a semi-controversial move Duy leveled things after deflecting a long range pass perfectly and right in the corner of the net (one of the benefits of doing the write up is that one’s absolute bias can be jotted down for all to see). Alas twas not enough as the Hulks went ahead 4-3 again via Derek.
And so this engrossing affair ended 4-3 with the Hulk still the hottest team in the league and Bayern still searching for answers, however a much better showing for Bayern than of late.


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