Week 12 Results

Real Deal vs Bayern Munich

The week 12 matchup between top ranked teams Fall Champs and Bayern Munich meant that an irresistible force was about to meet an unmovable object. Who would come out victorious? The smack talk began early with Loudmouth Callahan guaranteeing a “W”. Sargent Hughes of the grammar PD quickly cited him a ticket for his careless spelling, but let his bold prediction slide with a stern warning. On the pitch, with the referee running late, Steve Malka of Bayern stepped to the line, called to both keepers “ready” and blew the whistle on the showdown for first place.

This was a sea-saw affair early with both teams struggling to find a rhythm like a grade 9 semi-formal. Better late then never the ref came running in! Real Deal smiled as it knew its 6th man had arrived, the fix was in. Real broke the deadlock with a beautiful strike from “Trend Settin” Metin who opened the floodgates to make it 1-0. The pressure continued with a blast from Talha the “Shot Caller” who found the back of the net making 2-0. Bayern refused to let a an early deficit stop them as Ronalduy sent a quick feed to Super Mario who served up a gimmme to Fernando “Xavi” Ayala who blasted a shot just wide of net throwing up his arms in disbelief. Nasim “The Dream” playing in one of his final games before he departs to the land Down Under used his speed to notch 9th of the year and 1st for his new squad. Captain Gojmerac added another making it 4-0 heading to the side-lines.

The second half seemed like a completely different game as Bayern failed to quit. Sargent Hughes who payed full-back for most of the game took matters into his own hands taking out his side arm and putting one past Kevin “the Wall” Bonner snapping the coveted shutout. Then, Ronalduy showed why he’s the league all-star scoring two more. Natasha Hotfoot Trabulsey would not be denied and she added another one making is 5-3. Final score 5-3 for the Fall Champs.

The Gunners vs Hulkamaniacs

Early on, Hulkamaniacs looked like they had finally worked out the issues that had been plaguing them throughout the season. The Gunners looked lost as Hulkamaniacs undressed them over and over, but were bailed out by last second defensive efforts, stellar saves from Dan “Boomin” Newman and good luck. Finally The Gunners found their rhythm and won a corner kick. A great ball from Theo “The Body” Blanchard found the head of Gunners skipper Dave Ashton who misplayed the ball across the box. But luck was orange that night as the ball bounced of Tyler “Ten Touch” Zeng and found the back of the net. Hulkamaniacs were quick to respond. New acquisition Salar Modarresi beat two Gunners players a slipped the ball past Newman to tie the game at one apiece.

The second half opened and it was more of the same. Intense pressure from both sides had the defenders on their toes but strong goaltending and near misses on both sides kept the game level at 1-1. A breakthrough finally came when Andrew “Papa” Dias picked up the ball along the right side and fired it past keeper Scott “Pinball” Tudo. Again quick to respond, Hulkamaniacs pressed four men up on an ensuing corner kick. The ball bouced around and found it’s way to Tyler Zeng who took two touches, and sneaked the ball past a cluster of bodies. Neither team was willing to settle for a tie, and kept pressure on their opponent’s net. With time running down this game looked to be a sure tie when a questionable call gave The Gunners a free kick deep in the Hulkamaniacs’ end. A short pass found its way to Blanchard’s foot who made no mistake as he put in the go-ahead goal. The Hulkamaniacs had no time left to respond as the final whistle blew. The Gunners took this tight matchup 3-2.


  1. Apparently that was a tactic of theirs….confuse us with craziness and then score. They got the crazy part right but not the scoring 😀

  2. Mr. Clean was caught recruiting members after the game for Real Deal’s B team. A definite conflict of interest here!

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