Pre-Season Schedule

Each team will have two pre-season games to get to know your teammates and shake off the rust.  See the schedule below for timeslots.

We hope to have the uniforms delivered in time for the first pre-season game, but in case we don’t each team is assigned a jersey colour as per the column headings.  Please be mindful of the dark/white requirement and don’t wear any in-between colours.  Light gray, yellow, striped shirts such as blue/white are all potentially confusing.  I’m sure all of us have either white or dark in our wardrobes.

Date Time Home Away
4-Oct 6:00 PM Emeralds Direwolves
Nightmares Lightning
7:00 PM Vaders Red Bulls
11-Oct 6:00 PM Vaders Emeralds
Nightmares Red Bulls
7:00 PM Lightning Direwolves

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