Goodbye to Dave Ashton

Dave Ashton is moving on from Teachers’ and unfortunately, this includes the Teachers’ Champions League.

Dave joined us 4 years ago when we were a small group playing pick-up at Soccerplex.  He was a natural fit and when we took on the task of creating a league, he was instrumental in it.  He’s been my partner in the leadership of the league ever since, and together we’ve grown to 6 teams and 60 players.  His planning ability, dedication and strong leadership are reflected in the successful league we all now enjoy.

In addition to his leadership, his on-field contributions will also be missed.  Ever the passionate player, he was an imposing presence on the field.  Whether it be as a defender or a goalkeeper, you were lucky to get past him.  His combination of talent and heart made him one of the best in the league.  One of my best memories was watching Dave tell Mr. Clean what a horrible job he did as a referee.

Thank you Dave, for everything you’ve done for the league.

Please stay behind after the 7 pm game to share some memories with Dave.  We’ll be at the bar in the Hangar.  Dave always said he could take as many shots as we could fire at him, tonight it’ll be Tequilla shots.


  1. I definitely concur with everything above. David’s work ethic is unmatched only to his consumption of caffeine and alcohol. He’s a guy that puts in maximum effort to everything he does and wears his heart on his sleeve. My favourite memory of David in the league is when he scored a diving header from mid-field at the final whistle. His double fist pump would put tiger woods to shame. See everyone tonight for a couple cold ones. Safe travels brother!

  2. Dave it was a pleasure to play along side you. The passion you shown in the playoffs was amazing. Have a great time in South East Asia.

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