Quarter-Final Preview

The playoffs are here, forget what happened over the past 24 weeks because the real season starts now! Check out the “Tale of the Tape” for each of the quarter-final match-ups.

Scorpions vs Titans

  • Head to Head
    • Wins: 3 for Scorpions, 1 for Titans
    • Most Recent: 2 weeks ago, 3-2 for Titans
    • Goals: 16 for Scorpions, 11 for Titans
  • Overall
    • Standings: Scorpions 1st, Titans 8th
    • Offense: Scorpions 1st, Titans 6th
    • Defense: Scorpions 2nd, Titans 8th
  • Quotes
    • Miekela Singh: “You’re in this league for a reason – to win. Win the ball, win a new friend and share your winning smile. If you lose to the Scorpions don’t worry, because everyone does.”
    • Andre Chan: “Titans to pull through and overcome the Scorpions venom.”

Orange Crush vs Legacy

  • Head to Head
    • Wins: 1 for Crush, 2 draws
    • Most Recent: March 6th, 1-1 draw
    • Goals: 3 for Crush, 2 for Legacy
  • Overall
    • Standings: Crush 2nd, Legacy 7th
    • Offense: Crush 5th, Legacy 8th
    • Defense: Crush 1st, Legacy 5th
  • Quotes
    • Aaron St. Bernard: “Legacy has been one of the hottest teams in the league, but we plan to cool them off quickly with some…Orange Crush!”
    • Fernando Ayala: “We’re gonna put the squeeze on Orange Crush and make some OJ on Wednesday night!”

Rebels vs Bandits

  • Head to Head
    • Wins: 1 win each and 1 draw
    • Most Recent: Feb 20th, 4-4 draw
    • Goals: 12 for Rebels, 9 for Bandits
  • Overall
    • Standings: Rebels 4th, Bandits 5th
    • Offense: Rebels 3rd, Bandits 4th
    • Defense: Bandits 4th, Rebels 7th
  • Quotes
    • Samina Basaria: “Those thieves will not attack us, Rebels stand strong!”
    • Sam Shareski: “We’ve been lined up to play the Rebels for months now, so we’re prepared. It’s not going to be an easy win, but we’re not worried.”

Top Dogs vs Sharks

  • Head to Head
    • Wins: 2 wins for Sharks, 1 for Top Dogs and 1 draw
    • Most Recent: 2 weeks ago, 5-4 Sharks
    • Goals: 11 for Top Dogs, 7 for Sharks
  • Overall
    • Standings: Top Dogs 3rd, Sharks 6th
    • Offense: Top Dogs 2nd, Sharks 7th
    • Defense: Top Dogs 3rd, Sharks 6th
  • Quotes
    • Tomas Dauden: “Sharks? They are toothless. The Top Dogs will celebrate our 3-1 victory in Caribbean style: Bake and Shark for dinner!”
    • Mily Chen: “My completely unbiased view is that Sharks will win 3-2. Their key players are no longer tied up by work or honeymoons!”

The Last Week of the Regular Season

The last week of the regular season will see some teams jockeying for position heading into the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the playoff scenarios.

Quarter-Final #1: Scorpions v Titans

Quarter-Final #2: Orange Crush vs Sharks/Legacy

Sharks and Legacy go head to this week to determine who gets to play (or avoid playing) Orange Crush. They sit even on points but the Sharks have the advantage in goal difference. This means that Legacy must defeat Sharks in order to secure 6th place, a draw will not be enough for them.

Quarter-Final #3: Top Dogs/Rebels vs Sharks/Legacy

The Top Dogs are favourites to finish in 3rd place due to their 2 point lead and (+11) goal difference over the Rebels. A draw this week against the Titans is all they need to be sure of 3rd place. They can even afford to lose the game if the Rebels fail to beat Scorpions. A quarter-final match-up against the winner of Sharks/Legacy awaits them.

Quarter-Final #4: Bandits vs Top Dogs/Rebels

The Bandits are definitely finishing 4th/5th and the only question is who will they play in the quarter-finals. According to the current standings that would be the Rebels unless they manage to leapfrog the Top Dogs, as mentioned above.

Playoff Scenarios

The playoff picture is a bit more clear after last week’s games.

1st vs 8th – Scorpions vs Titans

The first quarter-final is set and it’s Scorpions vs Titans. While it’s fair to say that Crush can still catch the Scorpions, the tie-breaker is goal difference which lies heavily in Scorpions favour at a +16. The Titans won last week but so did Legacy, thereby ending any hopes of climbing to 7th place.

2nd vs 7th – Crush/Dogs vs Sharks/Legacy

Crush hold a 5 point lead over the Top Dogs and are expected to hold on for 2nd place. Their quarter-final opponent will be one of the Sharks or Legacy who are currently even on 23 points. They’re almost even on goal difference as well, with the Sharks having a +1 advantage. These two teams played each other last week and will play again next week. This race will go down to the wire.

3rd vs 6th – Dogs/Rebels/Bandits vs Sharks/Legacy

The Top Dogs currently sit 2 points ahead of the Rebels who in turn sit 2 points ahead of the Bandits. None of these teams play each other in the last 2 weeks so they’ll have to focus on their own games. Whoever takes 3rd place will face either the Sharks or Legacy, as already mentioned.

4th vs 5th – Dogs/Rebels/Bandits vs Dogs/Rebels/Bandits

Any combination of these 3 is possible and that makes this the most exciting race heading into the playoffs. Every one of these teams is staying tight-lipped about who they prefer to face in the quarter-finals.

Playoff Picture Still Unclear

With 3 weeks left in the regular season, the playoff picture is still unclear.

The last three weeks of the season have an interesting twist. Weeks 22 & 24 have identical match-ups. Week 24 was originally scheduled on Feb 6th but the snowstorm closed the Hangar and it was subsequently moved to the end of the season. Teams can really hurt each others ambitions heading into the playoffs.

The Quarter-finals will follow the expected format with 1st playing 8th and so on. Here are the potential QF match-ups.

1st vs 8th: Scorpions/Crush/Top Dogs vs Titans/Legacy

The Scorpions sit 4 points ahead of Crush and 8 ahead of Top Dogs. It’ll likely be too big of an ask for Top Dogs to get to 1st place but Crush are definitely in contention. Whoever comes out on top will most certainly face the Titans who sit 8 points behind Legacy with only 9 points left on the table.

2nd vs 7th: Crush/Top Dogs/Rebels/Scorpions vs Legacy/Sharks

Crush currently holds a 4 point lead over Top Dogs and 6 points over Rebels. While the lead does appear comfortable, Crush will have to face Rebels next week which could prove decisive should Rebels beat Scorpions tonight. The Top Dogs on the other hand, have 2 matches against the Titans who have struggled to field a full team most of the season. They could very well nip into 2nd place. On the other side we have Sharks and Legacy who play each other twice in the last 3 weeks. The Sharks currently hold a 3 point lead but it’s too early to tell what happen in this battle.

3rd vs 6th: Top Dogs/Rebels/Bandits/Crush vs Sharks/Legacy

The Bandits will have to beat Crush twice if they want to nip 3rd place. Even if they do, they’ll need Rebels to slip up in the last 3 weeks. The odds are stacked against them but that’s just how they like it. The opponent would be Sharks or Legacy which as stated earlier, will be a tight finish.

4th vs 5th: Some combination of Top Dogs/Rebels/Bandits

This is one of the hardest match-ups to predict so we won’t try. Rebels face Scorpions twice, Bandits face Crush twice and Top Dogs face Titans twice. What do you think?

The Week of the 6 Pointer

A “6 Point Match” is one in which the two teams are very close to each other in the standings and the result could swing the balance by 6 points. All of the weeks match-ups are between teams that are right beside each other in the standings.

Scorpions (1) vs Orange Crush (2)

There is one point separating the 1st place Scorpions and 2nd place Crush. A win for Scorpions will put them four points ahead while a win for Crush puts them 2 points ahead. These teams have traded wins but their most recent match was a 1-1 draw. It’s the leagues top offence against the top defense.

Top Dogs (3) vs Rebels (4)

The Dogs currently enjoy a comfortable five point lead over the Rebels. If they avoid defeat to the green machine, they’ll be almost assured of at least 3rd place. Top Dogs have won two of the three matches between these teams, with Rebels winning the other.

Bandits (5) vs Sharks (6)

The Bandits are currently four points ahead of the Sharks and will likely finish anywhere from 4th to 6th place. The Sharks can climb as high as 5th or even drop to 7th. The season series is 2-1 for Bandits and if they win tonight, they can feel confident of finishing no lower than 5th place.

Legacy (7) vs Titans (8)

A win for Legacy would move them closer to 6th place. It would also ensure that Titans will finish in 8th. The season series is 2-1 for Legacy. While the Titans are likely to finish in 8th, they can still build momentum heading into the playoffs.

Week 20 Preview

The road to the playoffs has 5 left weeks. Every season, teams start jockeying for position – who do they want to play, who do they want to avoid. These questions will all be answered by April 10th.

Orange Crush v Top Dogs

There’s a lot on the line here as these two teams sit in 2nd and 3rd respectively, with only 1 point between them. Both teams are also competing for 1st place and a win tonight is vital. A 0-0 draw in December was followed up by a 3-0 win for Crush.

Titans v Sharks

Titans currently trail the Sharks by 9 points and it’s very unlikely they’ll overtake them in the standings. They can however win the season series if they come out on top tonight. The Sharks won the first match 1-0 while the Titans exploded for a 5-3 win the second match.

Scorpions v Bandits

The Scorpions have a 3 point lead in first place and they’ll likely finish no worse than 3rd place. The Bandits are competing with the Rebels for 4th/5th place. These teams have drawn both matches by a scoreline of 1-1 despite no lack of scoring ability on either side. It’s time to let loose and light it up!

Rebels vs Legacy

As mentioned earlier, Rebels are competing the 4th/5th position while Legacy in the 6th/7th battle. The Rebels have the edge in the season series, having won 3-0 in November and then drawing 2-2. Wayne Prinsloo has a 3 match scoring streak on the line and he’s not about to stop.

Week 19 Preview

Here’s Leon Perelman’s take on the upcoming week.

Bandits vs Titans

Both these teams are looking to get back on track after losses last week. Titans will be motivated by their past two meetings against the Bandits, where they scored a win and a draw. Meanwhile, the Bandits have really improved in the second half of the season and are pushing hard to climb up the table. This promises to be an exciting and high scoring encounter!

Scorpions vs Top Dogs

These two teams have split their first two meetings with one victory each. Form seems to be favoring the Top Dogs, who are on a two match win streak, while Scorpions are coming off a loss. Will this week see the Top Dogs reclaim their place at the top of the table, or will the Scorpions keep their spot? Stay tuned!

Sharks vs Rebels

Sharks are hungry for a win this week following a couple tough losses, while the Rebels are very motivated after a blowout win against the Titans. When told that the Sharks are looking to win, Captain Vlad of the Rebels responded: “So are we!” The white-shirts are undeterred however. Rumor has it they will be playing Jaws theme music before the game as an intimidation tactic.

Legacy vs Orange Crush

Legacy are flying high after their victory over the Scorpions last week. But can they stay strong against the super solid Orange Crush? Legacy Captain Paul Callahan certainly believes so – he was quoted as saying: “I confidently predicted a victory against the Scorpions last week. And this week against Orange Crush will be no different. 4-0!”

Week 18 Preview

Here’s a preview of the upcoming weeks action, courtesy of Pistol Paul Callahan.

Bandits vs Top Dogs

The last time these squads met the Dogs’ came out on Top’ 6-3.  However, the Bandits have been coming together nicely as of late, and are poised to make some noise in the playoffs.  Also,  keep an eye out for Bandits fullback Chris Marroquin who has found his first touch again, and has been very reliable in the back letting Shay and the gang work their magic up front. 

Prediction: 4-2 Bandits

Titans vs Rebels

This game is shaping up to be a classic shootout between two high scoring teams.  The Rebels are a gritty squad who are coming off a 4-4 draw last week against Bandits.  The Titans have been scoring in bunches lately, but getting unlucky on the score sheet losing a few 1 goal games in a row. They’ll be looking to squash the Rebels and get back in the win column.

Prediction 3-2 Titans

Scorpions vs Legacy

Legacy stars Metin and Jarry will be facing their former squad this week and no doubt they’ve had this date circled on their calendars for quite a while. Metinho, who was scoreless before the transfers, has found glory four times for Legacy, and will be surely add a couple more against his former team for old times sake. When asked about the match-up, Metin and Jarry both looked at each other, laughed and said “Scorpions are very.. VERY beatable”. 

Prediction: 4-0 Legacy

Orange Crush vs Sharks

In the last meeting between these two juggernauts, the Sharks took a bite out of Orange Crush  2-1.  However, the Crush’ have continuously silenced the critics this season and are hoping the Sharks take the bait. Just don’t tell Sharks Captain Theo Blanchard who has been known to make the odd run. Still hungry for his first goal of the season, he might just go Top Cheddar Extra Parmesan.

Prediction: 2-2 Draw

Week 16 Preview

Vlad here to give you a preview of this week’s action.

Legacy v. Sharks

The new and improved Legacy will aim to avoid the jaws of the Sharks in the early 6pm game. The teams have split their 2018 home-and-away series. Legacy can leapfrog the Sharks in the table with a win; Sharks win and they swim up the tables, gaining a much needed cushion over the hungry Legacy squad.

Rebels v. Scorpions

With the Top Dogs breathing down their necks, the Scorpions are not by any means comfortable at the top of the league table. They will seek to unleash the ‘Scorpion King’ against the Rebels in the other 6pm match.  While the teams have split their 2018 series, those were two very different squads at the time. When asked about Rebels’ strategy for the Scorpions game, Reza noted: “We will get a big boot and will squash them like a bug!”

Orange Crush v. Bandits

In both of the previous two meetings between these two teams, the game was decided by the narrowest of a margin. It may be a defensive chess-game, or it may turn into a blowout affair. Viewers should be reminded that unlike the low-scoring Super Bowl match over the weekend, this game will not offer a half-time show. Fans of Prem Chattani’s rendition of Despacito will have to tune in another time.

Top Dogs v. Titans

The final match of the evening will feature the Top Dogs facing off against the Titans.  Top Dogs’ crafty offence will put the Titans’ stingy defense to the test. Having been shut out the last two games, can these Titans create their own ‘Music City Miracle’ and upset the high-flying ‘Dogs?